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Posted on August 29, 2017 at 1:26 PM by Service Account

Thursday, February 23, 2017



Clipper: Andis Model AG & BG

Runs intermittently
Speeds up and slows down
Cuts out

This issue has been a real stumper for me!  I would usually be looking for shorts in the cord, a bad armature, or faulty switches when this issue arises.    Even when all of these tests good, I often will still get continuing complaints of the same symptom from the consumer. 

It can often be observed that these switches are touchy.  If you bump the switch they will shut off or slow down to the first speed while still in the two speed position.  In the past, I have always just replaced the switch when this happens.  This has yielded mixed results.

“If the switch is cutting out or jumping speeds just put in a new switch!”  ~the frustrated repairman


This was my only solution until recently.     After continued frustration, a more thorough investigation brought on a new discovery!  

Discovery: There is a mechanism molded into the top housing and switch actuator of the clipper! 

This is designed to help with this specific problem.   It consists of notches on the inside of the housing and a flapper on the actuator.  They function together to keep the switch in the right place.  As the clipper’s life progresses, wear will start to diminish the function of these two pieces.  This wear starts allowing the switch to move outside of its designed range of motion.  This is when the symptoms start showing up.  

So next time this happens, try a new top housing and actuator before you throw a spendy switch in the clipper. This new technique has solved many of our recent repairs without a hitch!



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