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Posted on August 29, 2017 at 1:22 PM by Service Account

Thursday, February 2, 2017



Andis AGC & Ultra Edge

-Clipper suddenly quits
-Smells burnt
-Gets really hot
-Switch is bad

If you have not been in the following situation before, count yourself blessed and pay attention to the following.  In your repairs, you will, at some point, come across an Andis AGC that has a bad switch. Don’t be too quick to install a new switch!

“Andis must have defective switches because they all go up in smoke when I install them.”
~the frustrated repairman



Usually when the switch goes bad on an AGC Clipper, it is in the resister (see picture above).  Many times this resister burning up is not because of a faulty switch, but rather it is a side effect of a greater issue. If you just slap in a new switch, it will often go up in a puff of smoke. If you want to be sure you do not fall victim to this same frustration, then you will need to know is what the real problem is.

Here is a trick to help you identify the problem: Take a pair of insulated pliers and bridge across the resister to “jump start the motor.” Please be careful not to touch anything but the insulated handles to avoid shock. Once you have the clipper running, listen to the motor. If it is running nice and smoothly, most likely you just have a bad switch. If it is running really roughly, you either have a bad armature or a foreign substance (such as oil) on the armature. In this case, you must test the armature and clean it before installing your new switch. Also, if you discover clippers with oil inside them, a thorough cleaning can prevent such switch fails.  Hopefully this can keep your switches in clippers and out of the trash!  


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