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Posted on August 29, 2017 at 1:25 PM by Service Account

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Clipper: Oster Volt & Heiniger Saphir

Symptoms: Hinge/ latch will not take blade
Not too long ago a new clipper came on the market, and with it comes another repair trick you will need to learn. The Heiniger Saphir, also marketed as the Oster Volt, is the clipper in question for today’s article.

“I keep putting on volt hinges and none of them work!” – the frustrated repairman

In this case our friend, the frustrated repairman, is correct!  Brand new volt hinges will not work.   That’s right folks, they will not work.  Before you panic though, be rest assured. This one is a simple fix and just takes a little “know how.” 

These hinge springs do not come preloaded, and before they will work you must load it.  Some of you might remember doing this on older model Osters (say pre 2000 era). There is a small triangular piece on the bottom back of the hinge (see figure #1), and this is the trouble maker!  It prevents the spring from being able to move into its correct position.  
 All you have to do is gently guide the springs around this triangle piece so that they are now on the bottom of the hinge and can freely move forward (see figure #2 for finished position).  That’s all! You’ve solved the problem! Install the new hinge, and it will work as designed!
~ Ronnie

Volt Hinge #151807
Volt Latch #151809
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