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CS-10-2023 10" Nebraska Machine Kit
SKU: CS-10-2023
Brand: Nebraska Blades

The Nebraska Blades CS-10-2023 machine is light weight and portable, perfect for mobile or on site sharpening. This updated model now has a built in hinged dust cover, minimizing the dust and grit spread by the machine during operation. The updated model is now variable speed between 900 and 1900 rpm, due to it's new 90v DC motor and controller. For the first time we are offering an option of an electronic brake for an extra $100 on this model. The electronic brake allows the ability to stop the wheel without physically having to operate a brake, allowing you to still be productive while the machine stops.

This machine works well for sharpening detachable blades, screw-on adjustable blades, and trimmer blades. Because it is designed to be mobile, it's compact size does not allow it to sharpen large animal or agriculture blades properly.

Dimensions of the cabinet are 11" x 11" x 8.5"


This listing includes the CS-10-2023 110v machine, a 10" aluminum wheel, and an accessory kit.

The CS-10 accessory kit includes:

-Small power magnet

-Plate charging block

-1Lb 240 honing grit

-8oz bottle H-42

-8oz bottle spray adhesive

-2oz bottle start-up oil

-1 spray nozzle

-Deluxe socket setter bar

-100 plastic bags

-Foam brush

-Sample test fur & test string

-Rub block with instructions sheet

-5/32 Hex wrench and three screws (for attaching the wheel to the machine)

-Manual brake


We also have the machine without the kit and a 220v version of the machine available for international customers. If interested in either of those, please click either the Question or the Contact Us button, and we can work with you to order that.

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