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CS-201 14" Low Amp Nebraska Machine Kit
SKU: NB921-142
Brand: Nebraska Blades

The CS-201 machine is the upgraded option from our standard CS-101 machine. This machine is capable of sharpening all types of blades, including detachable blades, screw-on adjustable blades, trimmer blades, large animal/agriculture blades, and more. It is variable speed with an on/off toggle switch and a variable speed knob. It is a low amp option for sharpeners wanting to work out of a mobile unit or who don't have a large enough power source for the CS-101 machine. It starts up at around 6 amps then drops off to around 2 amps at full speed. This allows for it to be run off an invertor (pure sine is recommended)  much easier than the CS-101. This is a great machine for any sharpener, whether full time, part time, or on the side.


This listing includes the CS-201 110v machine, a 14" aluminum wheel, and an accessory kit.


The CS-201 accessory kit includes:

-Small power magnet

-Plate charging block

-1Lb 240 honing grit

-8oz bottle H-42

-8oz bottle spray lard adhesive

-2oz bottle start-up oil

-1 spray nozzle

-Deluxe socket setter bar

-100 plastic bags

-Foam brush

-Sample test fur & test string

-Rub block with instructions sheet

-Allen wrench & four screws (for attaching the wheel to the machine)


We can sell the machine with no accessory kit for $2195.00 if the accessories are not needed and also have a 220v version of the machine available for international customers. If interested in either of those, please click either the Question or the Contact Us button, and we can work with you to order that.

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