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16" Nebraska Wheel
Brand: Nebraska Blades

The 16" Nebraska Blades wheel fits the CS-101 and CS-201 machines (and the Huff machine) and is made from cast aluminum. All plates are double-sided and are hollow ground (tapered) but available flat by request. The 16" wheel is the largest and thus the most efficient of our wheels, making sharpening faster with the extra surface space. 

Typically our wheels can sharpen around 1000 blades per side. Inconsistent sharpening results likely mean your wheel needs flipped/resurfaced. This means you may be able to sharpen more than 1000 blades per side while still getting great results and not need to flip/resurface your wheel yet.

Our wheels come in a reusable box that you can ship the wheel back in to us when it needs to be resurfaced. Our standard turnaround on resurfacing is 3-5 business days from when the wheel arrived to when it is ready to ship back out. We include an instruction sheet inside the box on how to charge your plate for the first time as it needs a few extra steps. 


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