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Nebraska Blades is well known for its high-quality clipper blade sharpening machines. As of February 1, 2016, the owners of Nebraska Blades retired and transitioned Nebraska Blades management over to The Edge Pro. Since then, we have supplied a wide range of Nebraska Blades products in addition to our professional sharpening services and clipper repair services.

We offer a variety of different clipper blade sharpening machines to choose from to meet your specific needs and required parts. Though our sharpening machines vary, all of them provide the same great quality and performance. 

The most popular and best-selling clipper blade sharpening machine is the Nebraska Blades Big Red CS-101-2000 machine. This Nebraska machine kit comes with your choice of either a 14" diameter wheel or a 16" diameter sharpening wheel. This sharpening machine kit also includes sharpening grit, a plate charging block, spray lard adhesive, and more.

Find your ideal clipper blade sharpening machine, wheels, and sharpening products below!

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