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Orka - 14 Teeth Thinner

IMPORTANT Information for Wholesale Customers only:

There is an additional $15 shipping fee on all Kenchii Scissors orders less than $250. Any order of Kenchii Scissors that is $250 or greater will not include the extra shipping fee of $15.

Please note for retail customers there is no extra fee on any amount of purchase.


Product Description

The Orka thinner line is a highly recommended tool used by platform artists. The Orkas blend and texturize without leaving any visible lines.
Try the 35T for fine thinning and blending, and the 10T or 14T for weight removal and texturizing.

Model Information

Model: KEOR
Straight: N/A
Thinner: 10T, 14T, 35T (Total Length 6.0")

Model Details

Handle: Offset
Edge: Convex
Material: Level 4
Assembly: Internal

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