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Red Clipper Comb #0-R 3/16
SKU: J-1141
Brand: Clip-er-Guide

The CLIP-ER-GUIDE Red Clipper Comb is made of superior-quality plastic that is both flexible and strong. These clipper combs are self-adjusting, with a spring-fit, and snap into position. The nickel-plated, heat-treated clip will withstand many changes. The teeth are sized and spaced for accurate measuring. Fits easily over clipper blades for precision height control. Fits all major brand electric hair clipper makes and models in one quick motion.

Designed for easy, accurate flat tops, crew cuts, buzz cuts, fade cuts, tapering, layering, texturizing and more. Adaptable for animal grooming. These combs are very similar to the original Speed-O-Guide Red Clipper Combs.

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