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  1. Print and fill out our service form, there is a link to it on this page.
  2. Pack the box well. Be sure to fill the box with packing material so nothing can move around inside the box. Do NOT ship in an envelope as the blades are more prone to be damaged. We are not liable for any damage during shipping.
  3. Enclose the service form inside the box.
  4. Ship the box to the following address:

The Edge Pro

1163 SW Ordnance Rd.

Ankeny, IA 50023

                It does not have to reference any specific department in the shipping name. (ex. Attn: Service is not necessary)

  1. You may enclose a check in the package that is signed, but it CANNOT have the amount written in or we will void it.
  2. If you did not send a check, we will call you for payment (Credit Card or PayPal) after the service is done and ship your product back to you!
  3. Enjoy your newly sharpened/repaired items!


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