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Send your blade sharpening wheels in to us and we will resurface them for you!

Resurfacing Prices:

10" Double Sided $110.00
12" Single Sided $125.00
12" Double Sided $160.00
14" Single Sided $125.00
14" Double Sided $220.00
14" Conversion (SS to DS) $275.00
16" Single Sided $150.00
16" Double Sided $250.00
16" Conversion (SS to DS) $325.00
21" Single Sided (Andis Wheels) $300.00
21" Double Sided $350.00

There is no concrete turnaround time, but we average around 2-4 business days from when we receive the wheel until it is ready to ship back. Please include a note in your package with your contact information along with any specific notes about your wheel that you have. We also have a Resurfacing Form linked on the side of the page that you may use (not required). If you do not write anything about the wheel, we will resurface it at the standard taper and finish. We can resurface to a specific degree and can add ridges to the surface if requested.

Please ship wheels to:

The Edge Pro
1163 SW Ordnance Rd
Ankeny, IA 50023

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