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Blade Sharpening Services

The Edge Pro is a factory-trained and authorized repair and sharpening center servicing most major brands. We provide tool sharpening services for a wide range of blade parts! Whether you need saw blade sharpening, professional knife sharpening, chainsaw blade sharpening, or more, let us help! We offer high-quality, satisfaction-guaranteed sharpening and repair services for both wholesale and retail customers.

Even the best of tools get dull over time, making them less effective. Don’t waste money buying a brand new tool when we can make it good as new. All you need to do is send us whatever you need sharpened and our proven sharpening process will have your blade's edge as sharp as ever.  Put our factory-trained technicians to the test, and let us help you stay on top of your game!


Clipper SharpeningImage: The Edge Pro Team works together to Sharpen Clipper Blades

Standard Clipper Blades - $8.00 per blade set.

  • Or $4.00 per blade piece (comb or cutter)

5 in 1 Style Blades (ex. Wahl Arco) - $15.00 per blade set*

*mini versions of this blade (Brav-mini & Mini Arco) are priced at $8.00 each

Large Animal Shearing / Clipper Blade Comb - $6.50 per Piece.

Large Animal Shearing / Clipper Blade Cutter - $3.50 per Piece.


Scissor / Shear Sharpening

German Beveled Shears

  • Under 10” long - $15.00
  • Pinking Shear - $15.00
  • Longer than 10” - $18.00

Convex / Japanese Beveled Shears - $35.00

Thinners All Styles: $25.00

Fabric / Utility Shears - $9.50

Surgical Shears - $7.00

Small Scissors - $6.00


Knife SharpeningImage of a Blade Sharpener shooting sparks - The Edge Pro

Knife sharpening is $1.00 per inch of the blade being sharpened. If the blade of the knife is less than seven inches, there is a $6 minimum sharpening fee.

  • Blades over seven inches or multiple blades: If you have 100 knives to be sharpened and the total length of blades being sharpened adds up to 100 inches then you would be charged $1.00 x 100” = $100.00.
  • Blades under seven inches: If you have a knife with only a two-inch long blade you would be charged a minimum fee of $6.00 not $1.00 per inch.

Miscellaneous Sharpening

Nail Trimmers - $6.00

Hoof Trimmers - $8.00

Hatchet / Axe Sharpening – $15.00

*Advanced restoration will have an additional hourly fee. If there is a large amount of metal missing or rust or other damage that needs to be restored be prepared for an additional fee or ask for a quote.

Chainsaw Blade Sharpening - $12.00Image of A Chainsaw Chain being sharpened by the team at The Edge Pro

Chainsaw Chain (On the Saw)- $35.00

Hedge Trimmer Sharpening:

  • Hand Operated Hedge Trimmer - $11.00

Pruning Shears / Loopers - $8.00

Kitchen Blender Blade - $10.00

Rotary Pizza Cutter - $8.00

Guillotine Paper Cutter- $25.00

Large Paper Cutter (per foot)- $25.00

If you have a blade that is not on this list that you need to be sharpened, contact us! Our expert team can sharpen and repair your blades to give you back that cutting edge! 

For all of your clipper, shear, and scissor sharpening needs, we have your back.

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