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SKU: NB901-212


The CS-10 (Little Red) is the perfect machine for the mobile sharpening professional. It is constructed with 14-gauge steel housing, a single speed fan cooled thermally protected 115V 2.4 amp motor. This machine comes with a 10" Micro-Serrated double-sided aluminum plate, which turns at 1050 RPM, giving it plenty of power & speed for sharpening A5 blades, trimmer blades and the vibrating-type clipper blades used in the barber/beauty industry. Weighing 20 pounds and measuring 11" x 11" x 7.5", allows for easy transportation. In the barber/beauty trade, you will find more shears than clipper blades, but you hate to turn down work. With the CS-10 Little Red you can have the machine with you to sharpen those blades as well. If you focus on groomers & veterinarians, you will get more blades than shears. One groomer could give you as many as 20 blades to sharpen. So if you plan to focus heavily on the grooming industry, you can do the work on this machine, however, you may want consider the CS-101-2000, as it is twice as fast. The CS-10 is available with a 220V motor upon request at no additional cost.


CS-10(Little Red) Sharpening Machine Complete w/ enough supplies to sharpen 1000 blades $995.00

  • Machine

  • 10” Micro-Serrated Aluminum Double-Sided Plate

  • 1 lb 240 Grit

  • Plate Charging Block Power Magnet

  • Deluxe Socket Setting Gauge

  • 8oz Lubricant/Cleaner

  • 8oz Spray Adhesive

  • 1oz Clipper Blade Start-Up Oil

  • 100 Plastic Bags to Return Sharpened Blades

  • Allen Wrench, Screws

  • One and a Half Hour Training DVD


This machine is a real money maker. If you sharpen 750 blades @ $5.50 per blade (this is on the low side), the machine will produce $4,125.00! This is more than twice the cost of either machine.

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