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Posted on August 29, 2017 at 1:20 PM by Service Account

Monday, January 23, 2017



Clipper: Oster 76 & A5 styles w/ toggle switch

  •          The clipper does not run
  •          Runs intermittently
  •          Acts like a cord short but cannot be manipulated by pulling cord

“You don’t need the nut on the back of the clipper; it doesn’t do anything.” -the frustrated repairman

In our repairs, we often see where someone has taken the nut off the switch.  This causes the switch wires to be the only thing holding the switch in place.  While the clipper may continue to work for the time being, it is a ticking time bomb before the switch wires have been stressed enough to short and break. 

Each and every time you turn the clipper on or off, you are stressing those wires when missing the nut. So when you pick up a clipper, please include checking to make sure the switch nut is in place in your visual inspection.  If it is not, then take the end cap off and gently lift up on the switch wires to see if they have broken loose inside the switch.  Replace the switch if the wires are broken, otherwise install a new switch nut and save your customer a headache!

~ Ronnie

Oster switch nuts and switches can be ordered from:

The Edge Pro
(515) 963-1990




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