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Posted on August 29, 2017 at 1:25 PM by Service Account

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Clipper:  Oster A5 & 76 Styles

Symptoms: Internal parts will not come out

Are you frustrated by trying to get armatures and fields out of OsterA5 and Classic 76 Clippers? Are you tired of breaking housings, brushes, ruining fans, and cracking housing?  Then read on because I have a simple fix for you! 
“I’ll just grab onto the back of the motor and give it the old heave-ho!”  ~frustrated repairman
Remember, when working on these clippers there are several fragile parts. Do not resort to using your brawn.  I know it is tempting but I’ve tried about every way to pull out those parts without avail.  All you are going to do is break parts.  In this case, we want to use our brains instead of all that brawn.   First off make sure you have removed these parts:
  • End cap assembly
  • Snap ring & retainer
  • Brushes
  • Lid, link, lever, & gear
Think back to science class, remember how different substances will expand when introduced to heat?  Plastic Oster housings are the practical application of this science class.  Next time you get one of those stuck housings, try putting it in a toaster oven (or regular oven for that matter) for 250 degrees and about 5 minutes.  Use a hot pad and do not try it in the microwave!  After 5 minutes the field and armature will literally fall out of the housing! 
Reverse these steps if you cannot get the armature and field to go back into the housing.  Hopefully, this easy tip will help save you a headache!

Bonus tip: When removing your snap ring, put a hose clamp on the back of the housing to prevent the housing from breaking in case you slip with the snap ring pliers

~ Ronnie
The Edge Pro
(515) 963-1990

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