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Posted on August 29, 2017 at 1:18 PM by Service Account

Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Company

Maybe you saw this coming or maybe you were caught off guard when you found out or maybe you still have not heard this bit of news. As of February 2016, Jason Sturm and The Edge Pro made a huge transition by purchasing Nebraska Blades.
This has been both a fun and crazy transition and has gone even smoother than we had expected in part to fantastic customer bases of both Nebraska Blades and The Edge Pro. We are grateful for the patience, loyalty, and feedback from our customers through this transition and we are even more excited to see what 2017 has to offer!
New Shows
                We hope you had the chance to get out and see us in 2016 as we made it out to three trade shows. The First Trade Show was the Wolff and Edge Pro Show in Columbus IN, at the beginning of April. Our second show was later in April in Georgia at the Bonika Shears Scissor Jam. Our final trade show of the year we were at the NBTSG Show in Kansas City at the end of September.
                Despite our desire to be at more shows and to meet more of you, 2016 slipped away from us and the schedules of personal life and the growth of business only allowed us to make it to three trade shows. Stay posted in 2017, we will be announcing our shows soon and we would love to see you and catch up with you on life and business!
New Sharpeners
                This was a record setting year for us when it came to training sharpeners. In our shop alone we had the privilege of training over 25 people which combined more than 35 full days of training on clipper blade sharpening, clipper repair, dryer repair, scissor sharpening, knife sharpening, and much, much, more!
                2016 also set the bar high for selling our Nebraska Blades machines too. We have been more than blessed to have sold almost 150 Nebraska Blades Machines around the world.
New Products
                We had the opportunity in 2016 to become a distributor for some new companies within our industry! In 2016 we became a distributor for Saneks Barber Supplies, Kings Research Barber Supplies, and Lucky Tiger Barber Supplies. While these are not new items for us to have and sell they have gone down in price because we are able to get them factory direct!
                Not only do we have new vendors but we have also bulked up the barber supply side of our store and warehouse. We went from carrying not quite two dozen types of barber and beauty clippers to now having over sixty kinds of clippers and trimmers in stock and that number continues to grow as the demand grows.

New Employees
                Did you hear some new voices on the phone this year? In 2016 we added three new employees to our staff and had one move on into another career path. We hired Wes, Johnny, and Latrice all for part time help pulling order, assembling clipper blades, answering phone calls and other helpful things around the shop.
                While we managed to hire some very good part time help this year we also lost a long-time employee and friend to another career path. In September, we said so long to Ronnie as he took an Associate Pastor position at church here in Iowa. While it is sad to see him go, we excited to see him in a vocation he is passionate about.
New Year
                2017 has a lot to offer as we seek to continue serving you with the best quality parts, products, and customer service possible. We will continue to work hard for you and your company because without you and your company growing in 2017 we cannot grow in 2017.
                Stay posted with us for exciting new updates on upcoming shows, updates to the Nebraska Blades Machines, new training videos, new website, and so much more yet to happen in 2017.
                Thank you for your faithful business this past year and we look forward to talking with you in the year to come.
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